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    This accompanying course is used as one of the many Learning and Teaching Services Tools to support learners/students enrolling in the courses taught by Lect. Phanu Waraporn from semester 1/2020 (2563) onwards. The tool mentioned in particular is the glossary of domain-specific terms or otherwise known as the terminologies or the controlled vocabulary or thesaurus, etc., specifically in the computing field.

    This tool is initially made available by the instructor and subsequently be expanded or enriched or enlarged from among the collaboration of the students themselves.

    This course is aimed at equipping and the senior computer science students in their senior year on the applications of theoretical concepts studied during their first two-three years using the analytics approach. Various optimization and mathematical programming models are introduced via the practices of computer programming laboratories. In addition, various other essential models are also covered, for example, simulation models and modeling, game theory, network models, transportation problems, queueing. 

    Students are expected to acquire analytics skills sufficient for their future career. The skills range from ability to distinguish the problems and accordingly apply relevant technique to handle them optimally to developing the optimization applications required for works.

    The course offers two class groups; group 001 is offered on every Tuesday morning from 8.00-12.00 hrs and Tuesday afternoon from 13.00-17.00 hrs for group 002. 

    According to the Study Plan and Learning Path, this course will be for students whose ID is 61 and who are in their senior years for enrollment eligibility.

    This course is on offer for the semester 1/2564 specifically for Computer Science and Data Innovation students minoring in Data Innovation (Applied Statistics).

    More details on course description are available on a student handbook.